WNL AED Practi-Trainer with Bi-Lingual Plug-In Module - 4 PACK


Training just got easier with the new4 Pack AED Practi-Trainer Convenience Pack!

This compact carry case hold 4 AED Practi-Trainers and accessories.

Our universal AED Practi-TRAINER has been completely updated and features many functional improvements from the last version. We gathered feedback from our customers and worked with both a product designer and our manufacturer to produce an incredible product. This AED training unit includes a replaceable scenario/language module - making it the most unique and cost effective unit on the market today.

Our replaceable module means that when ECC guidelines are updated, you only need to upgrade your plug-in module - no need to buy an entirely new unit or send it out for re-programming.


  • Newly designed body - a little larger than our original unit, but still lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Fully compliant with new ECC 2015 CPR guidelines
  • Easy to install/replace module that has our pre-programmed scenarios in 2 languages (currently English/Spanish)
  • Remote control unit provides instructors with easy access to changing scenarios and ability to pause play for classroom discussion.
  • 8 pre-programmed scenarios provide useful training and troubleshooting options for students.
  • Adult and Child pads are included for complete training.
  • 1 year warranty.


  • 1 Nylon Carry Case with 4 internal padded dividers, two external pouches and a carry handle
  • 4 complete unit with 9 English & Spanish pre-programmed scenarios (batteries included)
  • 4 Remote Control (batteries included)
  • 4 Sets of Wire Connectors
  • 4 Sets of Child Pads and Connector
  • 4 Sets of Adult Pads and Connector
  • 1 Instructional Manual
  • 4 Carry cases for individual units (All items in carrying case)
  • 1 Year Warranty